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“Creativity is contagious, pass it on.” Albert Einstein

Our goal is to ensure our students are just as equipped to create their own music through composing and improvising as they are to play music by other people.  We run a number of projects throughout the year to develop this.

Composition Book

Composition and improvisation are key aspects of the curriculum at CCPT.  We want to equip all of our students with the ability to create their own music and to develop their identity as composers. Each year students work to put together their own compositions to collate into a school Composition Book.  Students can compose in any style of their choice and are encouraged to collaborate with other students and teachers, write for instruments other than piano and use technology to record and notate their music.  The books are available for students to purchase and the compositions are made available for other students in the school to play.

Summer Schools

The summer holidays are a great opportunity to focus on skills we don’t have time to work on in normal lessons. Over the past couple of years we have run workshops on Creative Technology, teaching students how to create their own music using GarageBand, and on the Blues.  Most recently, we ran a Grade 5 Theory Summer School, teaching the concepts needed to take the ABRSM Grade 5 theory exam.  This summer school proved to be hugely popular with students.  Below are some comments from parents and students about the summer schools.

“Amrit really really enjoyed the course.  It was a joy to see her up early and raring to go in the mornings, and it was equally wonderful to see her so happy after each day with you at the summer school!”

“After weeks of weddings and busy-ness throughout the summer holidays, I really thought we were going to get some grumpyness going on at the fact that the course was for a full week and the days really long – but it was so pleasant to have quite the opposite!!!!  I thank you very much for putting such time and effort into organising the summer school, you and your fellow teachers have certainly done a grand job!”




Christmas CDs

Each term we spend some time in lessons perfecting and recording students’ favourite pieces and own compositions. Towards Christmas we then turn these recordings into CDs for each student.  These CDs serve as a lovely demonstration of the progress students make over the years.  Each student is given a copy of their CD for free and other copies are available to buy as Christmas presents for family and friends.


  • As the parent of a child who had never played piano before, I found the teacher to be delightful and patient and their lessons to be engaging and at an appropriate level for my daughter.  The fact that the main emphasis of CCPT appears to be on engaging the student and not about their ability level makes it the perfect environment to learn in!

    Ange – Parent
  • I loved playing games like ‘Cuckoo where are you?’ and ‘Doggy with the bone’.

    Phoebe – Aged 5
  • Friends and family are really impressed with what and how they learn, as some of the lessons they talk about are just about working through a book and learning each piece one at a time. Amrit and Gurjeevan love telling everyone about their fun lessons and talk about their compositions with pride!  I cannot thank you enough for all your time and attention to the two of them.  It has given them both so much confidence in themselves and they are so proud of what they are achieving.  As parents, we couldn’t be happier.

    Pritti – Parent
  • The Musical Discoveries lessons are fantastic: pacy, fun and engaging.  It’s been great to see my daughter’s singing confidence grow.

  • Daisy enjoys her classes immensely and looks forward to her lessons each week.

  • I like going to music because it makes me happy and I like learning the songs.

    Benjamin – Aged 5
  • We have seen Jordan grow in confidence over the past year and the group nights as well as the concerts have played a huge part in stretching him and building up his self belief and confidence.  This was noticeable over the festive period when at church Jordan played 2nd keys for our carol service in front of a packed house.  This he wouldn’t have done without your help over the past year so thank you and keep up the good work!

    John – Parent
  • A fun way to learn all about music.  The children sing, dance and play different instruments all in a relaxed and friendly environment.  After the lessons none of the children are in a rush to go home!