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Welcome to CCPT.  We are a Coventry-based community of piano teachers working together to provide the highest quality of tuition to our students.  We believe learning to play the piano should be an inspirational, enjoyable and collaborative process and are committed to developing creative, self-motivated and accomplished musicians who delight in discovering more about music.  Starting with the end goal in mind, we write and develop curriculum that strives to produce musicians who can engage with music in a variety of settings.  We believe the resource we have is for the benefit of all and work with teachers outside of CCPT to provide them with advice, training and resources.

Our vision is to impact the future of piano teaching through the creation of a music community that provides momentum, support and encouragement to its members:

Community between teachers – we believe change is only possible when a team of people are united in their mission, providing each other with resource and protection.  CCPT is a place where teachers share ideas, work together to develop curriculum and materials for the benefit of all students, are provided with what they need to develop as musicians and teachers and are given accountability and protection.

Community between teachers and students – we believe learning is best facilitated when teachers and students work together.  CCPT is a place where the teacher and student work side by side to fulfil the musical aims of the learner and where students are encouraged to discover their own love for music.

Community between students and families – we believe music can bring people together, forging new relationships and strengthening those that already exist.  CCPT is a place where students are given opportunities to build relationships with each other, where parents work in partnership with teachers to play an active role in their child’s music education, and where music is used to bring people closer together.

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Our Facilities

CCPT is equipped with a baby grand piano, two upright pianos and three digital pianos, ensuring students have the opportunity to experience playing on a variety of instruments.  For those who have digital pianos at home, our teachers are able to demonstrate how to make the most of the technology these instruments have to offer.   Macs and iPads are used to record student performances, produce CDs, notate compositions, play games, and facilitate a whole host of other activities.  All teaching rooms are kitted out with a variety of other instruments and resources, such as drums, claves, chime bars and games, to ensure lessons are as exciting and stimulating as possible.  There is also an extensive library of CDs, DVDs, books, magazines and sheet music available for students to borrow.

The school is located in Finham, Coventry, close to Finham Park School and Grange Farm Primary School.  Parents and siblings of students are welcome to wait in our comfortable waiting area and make the most of the books and free Wi-Fi available.  Alternatively, Brentwood Avenue also houses a number of shops (including two hairdressers), and is close to various parks, walks, pubs, and Finham Library if parents would like to go elsewhere whilst children are having lessons.


  • I loved playing games like ‘Cuckoo where are you?’ and ‘Doggy with the bone’.

    Phoebe – Aged 5
  • I like going to music because it makes me happy and I like learning the songs.

    Benjamin – Aged 5
  • Friends and family are really impressed with what and how they learn, as some of the lessons they talk about are just about working through a book and learning each piece one at a time. Amrit and Gurjeevan love telling everyone about their fun lessons and talk about their compositions with pride!  I cannot thank you enough for all your time and attention to the two of them.  It has given them both so much confidence in themselves and they are so proud of what they are achieving.  As parents, we couldn’t be happier.

    Pritti – Parent
  • A fun way to learn all about music.  The children sing, dance and play different instruments all in a relaxed and friendly environment.  After the lessons none of the children are in a rush to go home!

  • Daisy enjoys her classes immensely and looks forward to her lessons each week.

  • The Musical Discoveries lessons are fantastic: pacy, fun and engaging.  It’s been great to see my daughter’s singing confidence grow.

  • As the parent of a child who had never played piano before, I found the teacher to be delightful and patient and their lessons to be engaging and at an appropriate level for my daughter.  The fact that the main emphasis of CCPT appears to be on engaging the student and not about their ability level makes it the perfect environment to learn in!

    Ange – Parent
  • We have seen Jordan grow in confidence over the past year and the group nights as well as the concerts have played a huge part in stretching him and building up his self belief and confidence.  This was noticeable over the festive period when at church Jordan played 2nd keys for our carol service in front of a packed house.  This he wouldn’t have done without your help over the past year so thank you and keep up the good work!

    John – Parent